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Yang-Cheng Cheng

Artist Profile

From a black hand to a well-known steel artist, using metal as a creative medium, he has a strong grasp and execution of three-dimensional metal art. Through the works, it conveys the keen thinking of caring for local humanities, and interprets the relationship between beautiful land and people to respect each other and let people use the land well. He has been invited many times to participate in the Kaohsiung International Steel Sculpture Art Festival, the Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival, the Kenting Wind Chime Season, and the Taitung Tuna Season.


Work title: Dance Around
Work material:

It integrates the characteristic culture of traditional industries in Zhuangwei area, uses the image representing the beach and the sea as the base, the upper part uses the shape of a fish, and the texture of the cantaloupe skin is woven with steel bars, followed by the flying wind flag. , Under the sunlight from different angles, the surface texture shines with the enthusiasm and vitality of Zhuangwei.

Artwork Location