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Hana Kliw

Artist Profile

The Ami people of Taitung Dulan tribe extended her thinking on ethnic culture, ecological environment and human context based on weaving and embroidery craftsmanship. In 2001, she was commissioned by Taitung IRS to create a mosaic mural “Totem in Memory”. It has been nearly 20 years since the creation. No matter the material used is steel, driftwood, stone or bamboo… Hannah’s works always have many flexible and tension-filled lines. A unique artistic perspective on the east coast of the island where the Coast Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. Hana Geliu also established the “Orchid Weaver Girl” studio to reproduce the close relationship between tribal life and craftsmanship.


Work title: Winding

Using the concept of “return” to make a turning image, it is shaped like a conch. The Taiwan bamboo weaving shape is used to simulate the disturbance of the wind, and then it is woven and wrapped with fiber wires to shape the swaying feeling of the work in the wind.

Artwork Location