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• In order to echo this year’s main theme of the exhibition, “Tiandao Farming Dreams”, to connect each other’s daily life in the form of festivals, stallholders are especially encouraged to use this theme as the theme to connect tourists with their own booths, to protect the friendly marine environment, and to express the concept of local customs and customs. Participate in the recruitment of market booths as the concept of booth decoration and overall design.
• Thank you for your participation and support over the years. Due to space restrictions and epidemic prevention needs this year, the number of market booths is scheduled to be 15~20. All registrations will be made on the Internet route. The unit will reserve invitation booths according to the theme design of each event. Friends or sponsorship cooperation booths about 5 to 7. Please fill in the application form completely. After verification, you will be notified by E-mail or telephone if you have been selected or will make up your booth. Those who are not selected will not be notified. The market will give priority to environmentally friendly booths. On-site registration or temporary appointments will not be accepted. Booths, the organizer may fill in in order according to the needs of the event.
• Please fill in the sales items accurately. If the on-site sales items do not match the contents of the registration information, you must ask the stallholders to evacuate immediately. Those who still do not improve after persuasion will have their deposit deducted on a case-by-case basis.
• The market is open for registration from now on, and the registration will be closed after 17:00 on October 16 (Sunday).
• In order to implement the concept of environmental protection, please register stallholders to reduce the use of plastic products, avoid single-use utensils, and are encouraged to bring their own personal items such as bags, tableware, straws, water bottles, and the market service counter provides drinking water supplements; There is a washing area for dishes to be cleaned.
• Commodities or equipment for performers on display at the booths are mainly based on the spirit of “creative arts”, and booths featuring local ingredients, local agricultural products, handmade natural materials, and environmentally friendly packaging designs are encouraged to enter.
• The market is of an outdoor type, so please bring your own rain gear, signboards, tables, chairs or floor mats and other rain-proof and moisture-proof equipment; if the booth is of a performance nature, please bring your own musical instruments, wires and other related equipment. If the rain backup plan is activated due to climatic factors, please follow the guidance of the on-site staff to the designated area.
• Please plan the characteristics and atmosphere of the booth and design the booth signboard. Each booth uses a square area of ​​about 3 meters in length and width as the principle. The organizer can designate the use area of ​​the booth according to the local conditions.
Based on the principle of market recruitment, the selection items and weight ratios are as follows: 1. Local characteristics (25%): such as the use of raw materials, the characteristics of the festival, etc. 2. Cultural style (25%): such as creative diversity and diversity. 3. Friendly environment (25%): such as plastic reduction, waste reduction, energy saving, etc. 4. Booth design and theme (25%): Whether it conforms to the theme of the exhibition, the design and packaging of the items on display and the aesthetics of the display, etc. If the booth also provides mobile payment services, etc., it will be included in the weighted scoring items.

▍Rights and Obligations
• In order to maintain the quality of the event, the winners of the registration market are not allowed to take leave and be absent from each session. In addition to paying the registration fee (the amount of the category is listed below) within the time limit after being notified of the selection, each selected unit must also pay the deposit at the same time. 3,000 yuan in coins (the same below) is considered to complete the registration:
• A 3-meter tent is provided for food and beverage stalls. The stallholders need to bring their own drinking water for business. Do not take water from the tourist service center. Those who violate the regulations will be included in the future registration record. For those who have not improved, the deposit shall be deducted on a pro-rata basis on a case-by-case basis.
• The market provides 1 110-volt power socket. Please bring your own tables and chairs, sunshade umbrellas, moisture-proof floor mats and lamps, etc. At the same time, in order to avoid power outages, please do not use electrical appliances above 1000 watts (such as hair dryers, ovens, etc.).

▍Special Reminders
• 1. We advocate environmentally friendly applied thinking, and encourage the use of easily biodegradable materials within the scope of activities, such as betel nut sheaths, moon peach leaves, banana leaves, lotus leaves, or natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, wood and stone, and encourage the reduction of plastic cups and plates, etc. For single-use products, stallholders are encouraged to provide visitors with recyclable tableware, cups, etc. by depositing or renting them. Or provide preferential programs to encourage tourists to bring their own eating utensils. In the future, the characteristics of this market will be formed. At the same time, please pay attention to the recycling of tableware and clean it, so that the next user can feel more at ease.
• 2. This market advocates an energy-saving attitude towards life. All stallholders are requested to think about minimizing the use or reliance on electrical appliances and reducing or avoiding plastic packaging materials during the design, production, packaging, and sales of finished products. If you need to use individual electrical appliances with a power consumption of up to 1,000W at the market site, or if you have special electricity needs, please report and coordinate in advance before paying the fee, and individual generators cannot be used on site. If the report is not made, the handling unit may ask the stallholder to evacuate the equipment, and deduct the security deposit according to the principle of proportionality.
• 3. If the total consumption of electric energy used by individual booths during the event reaches 1,000W, the management unit may charge an additional RMB 5/W booth fee according to the power consumption, or designate individual electrical appliances to evacuate according to the site conditions, and deduct the excess part according to the principle of proportionality security deposit.
• 4. The location configuration and scope of use of each booth shall be designated by the executive unit as a whole.

(1) Entry time: After 13:00 p.m. for each session, enter and exit the venue according to the designated moving line of the event. After loading and unloading of vehicles, please move away from the venue immediately, and enter the venue before 15:00 on the same day. , before 15:30 to complete the booth setup and start operation.
(2) Exit time: Evacuation shall be conducted according to the announcement time and after the host announces the end of the stage performance. Please clean up the booths, equipment, etc. for your own safekeeping. The market is not responsible for the safekeeping.
(3) In line with the COVID-19 epidemic prevention policy, please be sure to cooperate with the organizer’s epidemic prevention command. If there are any non-compliance and violations, they will be included in the record list as the basis for the consideration of the subsequent selection of event booths.

• 5 million yuan of public accident insurance for the whole process of the market event.
• The executive unit may adjust the content, date and recruitment method of the market activities according to the actual situation, and immediately announce it on the FB fan page of the festival.
• This market is a public event and is set as a non-smoking place. Participants are requested to cooperate.

▌Event Time and Place
1. Time: October 22 (Sat) and October 23 (Sun), 2022, 16:00 – 21:00 pm.
2. Location: Zhuangwei Sand Dune Ecological Park, Yilan County (No. 18, Lane 196, Section 2, Zhuangbin Road, Yilan County)

▌Ways of Registration
Online registration is required: Please fill in the application form completely, and the selected booth will be notified by E-mail or telephone after verification.
Registration deadline: 2022/10/16, 17:00
Online registration:
General regulations (Traditional Chinese): Download

▌Inquiry Window
Zhuangwei Dune Land Arts Festival Art Market Market Team