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The Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office), Yilan County Government, and Zhuangwei Township Office jointly organized the 4th “2022 Zhuangwei Dune Landscape Art Festival”, which will be held on October 1. On October 22nd, it was grandly launched in Yilan Zhuangwei Sand Dune Ecological Park, and a national press conference was held at Taipei International Art Village at 10:30 am on October 6th. The distinguished guests included Lin Xinxin, Deputy Director of Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, Li Xintai, Councilor of Yilan County Government, Zhang Jiahao, Director Secretary of Zhuangwei Township Office, Zhang Qinglai, Chairman of Shangri-La Dongshan River Resort Hotel, Wang Wenxin, Chairman of Yilan County Tourism Association, and the Great Northeast Corner Sightseeing Circle. The advisory group and industry partners attended the event together. The event started with a special arrangement for performer Sang Meijuan to bring ancient tunes belonging to the mountains and seas for blessings, and performer Wu Yanchuan from Yilan, who was a national treasure rap artist Yang Xiuqing, brought the tradition of Lanyang Plain. Gezi Opera, and the song-reading exhibition specially written for this festival and belonging to the Zhuangwei Dune Landscape Art Festival kicked off.

Lin Xinxin, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, said, “Landscape Art Festival is a very suitable way for Taiwan to develop tourism. Taiwan is surrounded by sea on all sides and has its own unique landscape. Combining local culture, artist creation, and travel, from the East Coast Land Art Festival The Zhuangwei Dune Landscape Art Festival is a high-quality presentation. We can see that in the future, our Taiwan Landscape Art Festival will be as famous as the Setouchi Art Festival in Japan. We look forward to the tourism with local characteristics. And drive the whole Taiwan to open up new energy for tourism after the epidemic, keep in line with international standards, and by providing art-based tourism combined with local depth, we can welcome more international tourists and continue to create international tourism highlights.” Yilan continued. Councilor Li Xintai of the county government mentioned that “Yilan is a county based on tourism. After the opening of the national gate on October 13, it is hoped that through the series of activities of the art festival, the tourism industry of Yilan County, which has been hit by the epidemic, will become the biggest bright spot, and tourists will come to enjoy the beauty of Yilan. Zhang Jiahao, the secretary of Zhuangwei Township Office, mentioned that “the sightseeing circle in the northeast corner actually covers a variety of cultures, and the most famous one in Zhuangwei is the “Guishan Chaori” landscape, which can be seen from Zhuangwei. The shape of Guishan Island is the most complete. You can see the trajectory of the sunrise with the seasons. In addition, the village of Zhuangwei is also the birthplace of the traditional culture of the Kavalan people. Zhang Qinglai, chairman of Shangri-La’s Dongshan River Resort Hotel, the general counsel of the circle, said: “He has always been concerned about the problem of rural population loss. Young people who return to their hometowns must have three conditions to make money, learn and grow, and connect with society. The Landscape Art Festival will give Zhuangwei, a seaside town, opportunities and conditions for young people to settle down in their hometowns.” Finally, Chairman of Yilan Tourism Association Wang Wenxin: “It is mentioned that Zhuangwei is a place with very rich natural assets. The connection of the tourism circle in the northeast corner hopes to bring different hope to the tourism industry.”

“Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Landscape Art Festival” has been recognized and loved by all walks of life since its inception in 2019. Whether it is a combination of landscape and humanities, the resident art creation displayed by the exchange of artists and local residents, or the extension of the event venue this year In the field, the “Art Gathering Point” is used to connect the “Art and Culture Studio” and “Agricultural Experience” and “Bike Light Travel Tour” series of activities in Yilan and Zhuangwei areas, which last from October to November without interruption.

Artist Residency Creation

The theme of the 2022 art festival is “Dream of Farming on the Island”, and three domestic artists are specially invited from Yilan-based artist Huang Jincheng, Hualien Xinshe’s artist group Duwak Duyao and Chen Shuyan, and artists from the Hualien port tribe. Danai Daleaf will create works in Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park, which will be presented through artistic creation with the foundation of local culture and the pulse of life, and will be revealed on October 22 at the same time.

Zhuangwei Dunes Concert and Creative Market

In addition to the static art exhibition, a series of activities “Zhuangwei Dunes Concert” will be launched for the first time this year, which will try to successfully shape the Zhuangwei Dune Ecological Park into a natural environment with a variety of performances and the relaxed atmosphere of Zhuangwei’s local life. A characteristic outdoor performance space that coexists with the building as the background. A total of 6 concerts were held this year, including “Guishan Island, Dreaming Hometown” (October 22-23), “Sea Breeze Lanyu. Water Life” (November 12-13) and “Dream Building a Boat” .Love is Unlimited” (December 3-4) and other different themes, domestic and foreign performers are invited to participate in the performance. For this year’s performance, we have invited the Elf Magic Dance Troupe, Sangbuyi, Sang Meijuan, Ming Martin, Mango Jam, Youfa, Balai, Morning Sunlight Gallery, STACO, Wu Huan, Feeding the Pig, Wu Zilong, Mud Beach Ronin , Yang Suhao, Rural Armed Youth, Yili Gaolu, Wu Xinze & Xiyou Island Orchestra and other well-known performance teams, the performance teams that meet the preferences of all generations will bring wonderful performances, and fans can enjoy them. At the same time, local villagers and high-quality merchants will be invited to exhibit and sell at the creative market. In addition, Yilan local or Huadong artists will be invited to bring on-site paid DIY experience, providing alternative options for the market and cooperating with the Central Epidemic Command. Center policy, please follow the epidemic prevention principles, wear masks and maintain a safe distance when entering the venue.

Art Space

In order to increase the diversity of activities, we also specially combined and invited 8 local art and cultural studios in the jurisdiction to hold various art and cultural or experience-related activities from time to time during the festival period, so that art and culture can go deeper into life, and Bringing diverse tourism elements and various artistic experiences will bring you a unique artistic and cultural atmosphere belonging to the Lanyang Plain.

Bike Tour

In addition, in order to allow everyone to better experience the local customs and live in the local area, we also plan 4 paid bicycle tours on November 12, 13, and December 3 and 4. The public only needs to pay 499 yuan to get it. Participate in fun and interesting bicycle tour activities and get a market coupon of 100 yuan. Register as soon as possible due to the limited number of places. There are two routes to choose from on this bike tour:

  • Route 1 “North Route – Tiaodao Gengmeng Love Chasing the Wind” is about 14 kilometers in length. It leads the public from Zhuangwei Dune Tourism Service Park to visit the magnificent temple buildings of Lingbaoan Temple, to Niutousi for guided tour, and then to Houpi Return to Zhuangwei Dune Service Park for in-depth community experience.
  • Route 2 “Southern Route Cycling Tour-Sea Breeze orchid Rainwater Life” is about 10 kilometers in length. First, you will visit the ancient farm implements and rice mills between Azu and Tuhu, and then go to Guan Laoye Leisure Farm to fry ice for DIY. View experience – Ruin restaurant breakthrough – beautiful photo of Guishan Asahi swing, and then return to Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park.

For more information, please visit the website of the Northeast Corner and Yilan Management Office:
Or check the festival website: For the real-time details of the event, please follow the FB fan pages of “Zhuangwei Dune Landscape Art Festival” and “Friends of the Northeast Corner”.
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