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Two Zhuangwei Dune concerts in November, a creative market and a light bicycle tour were carried out in the Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park, attracting a total of more than 2,000 tourists to participate in and enjoy the most amazing concert and creative market this autumn after days of heavy rain. The theme of this time is “Sea Breeze, Blue Rain, Water Life” to present the inseparable relationship between life in Yilan and water. The culture and customs of Yilan under the nourishment of water and everything that grows on the land, through the performance of art festival performers, The local small farmers who participated in setting up the stalls and art workers from Yilan and Taiwan presented the best side of Yilan and Zhuangwei.

During the two-day concert, Giovanni Voneki, an Italian high-value entertainer who lives in Yilan and loves Taiwanese culture, brought a lot of good things about living in Toucheng, Yilan, and created Chinese songs and songs in Chinese. Italian and English songs were composed to kick off the show, and the audience was amazed. Then the Feeding Pig Orchestra, composed of local children from Yilan Zhuangwei, brought humorous and punk rock music, which shocked the audience and followed them into the world of alternative punk. In addition, Youfa, an experimental electronic music group from the multicultural east coast, brings magical music belonging to the Amis electronic girls, combined with the combination of special lighting and buildings, bringing a brand-new integration of soundscape and landscape; In addition, the Rural Armed Youth Orchestra from Changhua brought many songs written in Taiwanese about land and rural changes due to urbanization. They also mentioned the fresh air and beautiful ocean in Yilan, which made them very envious. The audience was intoxicated by their impassioned and soft music; and the good voice of Yilan’s local farm, Yang Suhao and the Bello Orchestra brought many self-created Taiwanese songs, telling the story of growing up in Toucheng, Yilan The emotions with the family and the mood of leaving home and returning home fully echoed the curatorial theme of the art festival “Looking at the Island and Dreaming” and the practical desire to return home and cultivate dreams. Everyone was deeply moved and sang together. Finally, the The coolest and humorous group of foreign uncles from Taipei who have lived in Taiwan for more than 30 years, Mudflat Ronin, combined homemade instruments with washboards, washbasins, and vases to bring many brisk and moving country swing rhythms, which made the audience enjoy themselves Dancing and swinging to the highest point marks a perfect ending for these two events.

In addition, the two-day bicycle light travel activity launched this month also received enthusiastic participation from the public. Under the beautiful weather, participants entered the most popular, most popular and most beautiful scenic spots in Zhuangwei, deeply feeling the beauty of Guishan Island, the mountains and the sea , Eco-wild bird tour, and agricultural products such as peanuts grown under the water of Lanyang Stream, there are more DIY experiences. Friends who have not participated, don’t worry, there will be two more fun, delicious and sports and leisure bicycle tours in December. Welcome to sign up.

During this event, when the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining, crowds of people and vehicles emerge, and the on-site creative market, whether it is handmade products or special delicacies made by local small farmers, cantaloupe sauce, cantaloupe chicken soup, fermented bean curd, rice whiskey, black Rice wine, rice fragrance, sun-dried rice, stone flower jelly, powdered egg cake, rice cake, etc., all make tourists feel at ease and happy to buy. There is also a rice fragrance and local experience tour brought by the local art base partner “Niutousi” In addition to the introduction and “Island Companion Book Room” combined with bookstore publications and film promotions, there was also an interactive activity where the Lanyang Women’s High School Poetry Club brought a guest to the scene to interpret the lottery and recite poems. I had a holiday with good food, good music and good art.

Art Creation in Residence

This year’s three groups of artists, Danai Dalifu, Huang Jincheng, Duwak Duyao and Chen Shuyan, have created landscape works in the park and have become a new online beauty spot in the Zhuangwei Ecological Park. The works are also on display. We hope that through Works of art lead the public to see the beauty of landscape and art culture through life, and realize that art aesthetics is an indispensable part of life.

Zhuangwei Dune Concert and Creative Market

In December 2022, the Zhuangwei Dune Land Arts Festival will be themed “Cultivating Dreams, Building Boats, Infinite Love”, and will invite the emerging contemporary music festival’s popular fried chicken “Mango Sauce” to perform with strong stage rendering combined with Yilan’s local customs to drive the atmosphere of the scene; and the gangster Ade, who won the best Taiwanese male singer at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, will also bring songs composed in Taiwanese; the golden song that won the best aboriginal singer and best newcomer at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards Queen Eli. Gao Lu will also bring a beautiful new female voice that belongs to the blessings of the Ami tribe; another native from Yilan who has become a naturalized Taiwanese citizen this year has just won two awards for best musician and best jazz song at the 13th Golden Music Awards this year, award winner Musa Ming Martin will bring wonderful new songs; and Mi Li from Miaoli who won the 11th Golden Music Award for Best Folk Song and the 31st Golden Melody Award for Best Album and Best Guest Singer The Hakka creation brought by Sha brought blessings in different languages ​​to this multicultural land; the finale will be performed by the famous domestic and foreign Golden Melody Gold Music Award and Golden Melody King Sangbui, who will bring The powerful and good music is bound to set off a climax for the whole concert. From local to international, let everyone see the abundant energy of Yilan Zhuangwei and international cultural exchanges.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the concert, and at the same time, you can also participate in the creative art market featuring selected local arts and crafts, rural delicacies and experience activities, as well as the face book photo-taking lottery draw, during the concert market processing period from 15:00-18:00, after filling out the questionnaire at the conference service desk, you can get event gifts and lucky draw opportunities.

Art Gathering Point

For the first “Art Gathering Point” event held this year, 8 local art and cultural spaces were invited, namely “Niutousi-Gengniu Primary School”, “Muyutian Commercial Bank”, “Yuban Book Room”, ” Zhuangwei Eighteen Islands”, “Roadside Barbecue x Wai Canteen”, “Ruin Restaurant x Kamalan Driftwood Art School”, Toucheng Old Street “Lancheng Lane Co., Ltd.-Goldfish·Cuobian”, Yilan Wujie Township Farmers Association The “Lize International Puppet Show Art Village” in the warehouse also continues to provide a variety of hand-made activities that combine local tours, art and food experiences, and continues to launch a series of hand-made activities and lecture experiences. Welcome everyone to follow Yilan and Yilan Zhuangwei experts participate in the local art tour, follow the creative hand of the artist to experience the handicrafts, or experience the unique products and agricultural handicrafts of Zhuangwei, and enjoy the charm of images and spaces under the guidance of image experts, or The performance introduction of the world puppet show can make people enjoy the artistic and cultural atmosphere in the Zhuangwei Dune Land Arts Festival.

Bike Tour

In addition, in order to allow everyone to better experience the local customs and deepen the local life, we will continue to plan two paid bicycle tours on December 3 and 4. People only need to pay 499 yuan to participate in fun and interesting bicycle tours You can also get a 100 yuan voucher for the market during the event, and the number of places is limited to register as soon as possible. There are two routes available for this bike tour as follows:

  • Route 1: “Northern Line – Overlook Island Gengmeng Love Chasing the Wind” has a total length of about 14 kilometers. It leads the public to start from the Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park, visit the magnificent temple buildings of Lingbao Temple, go to Niutousi for a tour, and then go to Houpi Community In-depth experience returns to Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park.
  • Route 2: “Southern Route Cycling Tour-Sea Breeze orchid Rainwater Life” is about 10 kilometers in length. First, you will visit the ancient farm implements and rice mills between Azu and Tuhu, and then go to Guan Laoye Leisure Farm to fry ice for DIY. View experience – Ruin restaurant breakthrough – beautiful photo of Guishan Asahi swing, and then return to Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park.
  • Registration:

Epidemic Prevention Mechanism

In order to implement the new life of epidemic prevention and travel with peace of mind, we remind everyone to cooperate with the policies of the Central Epidemic Command Center when participating in various activities. Please wear a mask when entering the venue, and you can enter the venue after spraying alcohol for disinfection. Please be sure to abide by the principles of epidemic prevention.

Paid Shuttle Bus

In order to make it easier for tourists to arrive at the event venue, the organizer also provides a paid shuttle bus service for the “Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Landscape Art Festival”. The shuttle bus departs from Yilan Railway Station and goes directly to the Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Visitor Center, starting at 14:00 p.m. on 12/3 From 30 to 20:30, on December 4 from 14:30 to 20:30 in the afternoon, pick up at Yilan Railway Station and Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Visitor Center stop sign every hour. Passengers please bring 20 yuan change to pay cash on board (please bring your own Prepare change, this shuttle bus will not give change, nor can you use mobile payment and any Easy card payment).

For more information, please visit the website of the Northeast Point and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office:
Or visit the website of the festival at For real-time details of the event, please pay attention to the FB fan pages of “2022壯圍沙丘地景藝術節” and “東北角之友”.
【Saturday and Sunday Paid Art Work Activity Guide】Reservation Tel: Wu Shulun 089-841005

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