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【Departure from Yilan】Limited time~Zhuangwei Dune Land Arts Festival: Lanyang Crab Village|Thai Shrimp Fishing & Grilled Shrimp Eating + Niou Tou Sih The Home of Farming Cattle|Cow Herding Class Cattle Feeding Experience – 1 day (4 people to go)

Itinerary 1
Product Code: 22TED01NIU-FH
Sellable: 8 Seats: 9
Outbound journey: 2022/12/01(Thursday) 1 day in total
Return trip: 2022.12.01 (Thursday)

The regional art festival, which was born in response to the needs of the times, was created based on the land environment and art and humanities, and gained the power of life transformation and new life. In recent years, more and more young and middle-aged practitioners are eager to rediscover their relationship with the land, nature, and community culture, returning to their hometown to live, learn, and cultivate various “home” lifestyles With extensibility, explore the past and look forward to the future. Through the “Zhuangwei Dune Concerts” to experience the natural dune landscape and architectural space, it is expected that the “Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Land Arts Festival” can continue the vitality of the unique cultural landscape of “Zhuangwei Sand Dunes” and its surroundings.

Introduction of Zhuangwei, Yilan

The Lanyang Plain was the original residence of the Kavalan people two hundred years ago, and Zhuangwei was once an important settlement of the Kavalan people in the north of the Lanyang River. At the end of the 18th century, the Han people entered the Lanyang Plain for reclamation, and some Kavalan people were forced to start migrating all the way south to Hualien and the coast of Taitung. City, Jie, Wei, Zhuang, etc., and then the name of Lanyang Plain, “Kamalan” (meaning people on the plain), was replaced by “Yilan” from then on.

Niou Tou Sih The Home of Farming Cattle|Cow Herding Class Cattle Feeding Experience

Different from the experience methods of other farms, tourists usually can only watch the cattle through the fence. Niou Tou Sih The Home of Farming Cattle in Zhuangwei Township, Yilan provides close-up feeding of cattle, leading the cows, moo potted plants, Niu Chai popcorn, etc. Through interactive activities and activities, people can experience the traditional cattle farming culture, so that the public can also see Taiwan’s traditional agricultural life in modern times, and learn about this land and history through close contact with cattle.

Lanyang Crab Village|Thai Shrimp Fishing & Grilled Shrimp Eating

The “Lanyang Crab Village” in Toucheng was originally a hairy crab farm and then transformed into a Thai shrimp ecological park. The whole process of zero-drug and non-toxic farming, non-toxic Thai shrimp, non-toxic, smoke-free shrimp fishing environment is very clean, suitable for the whole family to go out together experience. The shrimp fishing ground has a canopy to cover the rain and the sun, so you can fish leisurely even in rainy days. Come here not only to experience the fun of prawn fishing, but also to eat fresh Thai prawns. After experiencing the fun of catching prawns, you can roast and taste them yourself, or you can go to the attached restaurant opposite – “Lan Yang Boat Cuisine” to cook Thai prawns, and provide valet Cuisine service.