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On December 2, Zhuangwei Dune Concert, a creative art market, and a bicycle light tour were held again in the Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park, attracting a total of more than 3,000 tourists to participate and enjoy. The most touching afternoon concert and creative art market set. The theme of this event is “Cultivating Dreams and Building Boats, Infinite Love” to present the local atmosphere of Yilan and its inseparability. Under the nourishment of water, Yilan’s cultural customs and everything that grows on the land, through art festival performers, The local small farmers who set up stalls and art workers from Yilan and Taiwan presented the best side of Yilan and Zhuangwei.

At the concert on December 3, Ade, the most powerful and gentle gangster from Kinmen, who won the best Taiwanese male singer at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, brought a number of Taiwanese songs, and the audience was also intoxicated with the songs, followed by the pop punk brought by the new generation of humor and accompanied by folk rock, the popular and powerful mango jam band, brought a number of songs with a refreshing rhythm, and matched the songs to ignite the action drama with strong appeal on the scene. The scene brought many climaxes, making the fans in the audience sway and dance together, igniting the heat and vitality of the scene to the highest point, and then the queen of the golden song, Li Gaolu, combined with Latin rock rhythm and Ami tradition The songs composed by the ethnic group language successfully captured the hearts of the audience, and everyone danced to the music to enjoy the beautiful night.

For the concert on December 4, Misha, an actress from Sanwan, Miaoli, who won the Golden Melody Award for Best Hakka Female Singer and Golden Sound Award for Best Hakka Album Creation, brought a song of guest songs that are sometimes gentle and sometimes light. Created songs in Chinese, and led the audience into the atmosphere of the concert in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Then, MUSA Ming Martin, an artist from Argentina who lived in Toucheng, was a naturalized Taiwanese, and regarded himself as a Taiwanese, and the artist from Trinidad The singer Chauvin, together with Spanish drummer Jose and French bassist, brought many beautiful songs about the feeling of living in Yilan and Taiwan, combining Latin and jazz, tango and hip-hop styles. The audience was amazed and danced wildly. The final finale will be performed by Sambuy, who has won multiple Golden Melody Gold Music Awards and Golden Melody Song King, who is well-known at home and abroad. He will bring powerful and good music, and lead everyone into the magnificent landscape and scenery with his ancient and profound sound. Between the mountains and the sea, the audience was shocked, and followed them into the world of Sambuy. Everyone was deeply moved to sing together and hold hands and dance together. They danced to their heart’s content and refused to leave. This marked the beginning of the annual sand dune concert.

In addition, the two-day bicycle light travel activity this month has also continued to receive enthusiastic participation from the public. Under the beautiful weather, participants have entered the most popular, most popular, most delicious and fun scenic spots in Zhuangwei. The beauty of the sea, the guided tour of ecological wild birds at the mouth of Lanyang Xikou, the agricultural products grown under the nourishment of Lanyang Stream, and the DIY experience of hand-made food made Zhuangwei a delicious, fun and beautiful itinerary for the participants to empathize with, and everyone was full of praise They all expressed that it was worth the ticket price and hoped to participate again in the coming year.

During this event, the weather is clear and the sky is clear, and there are crowds of people and vehicles. The on-site creative market, whether it is handmade products or special delicacies made by local small farmers, cantaloupe sauce, cantaloupe chicken soup, fried rice, taro cake, fermented bean curd , rice whiskey, black rice wine, rice fragrance, sun-dried rice, special bartending, rice cakes, rice cakes, on-site hand-brewed coffee, etc., all allow tourists to eat, buy, have fun with good music, and have local art The site partner “Niutousi” continues to bring rice fragrance and local experience tour introduction; “Zhuangwei 18 Island”‘s co-feeling canteen combines farming tour with gourmet handmade vegetable burritos, special drink perilla lemon juice; natural fiber from Hualien on-site Weaving hand-made DIY interactive activities, as well as Facebook photo punching and raffle activities to fill in questionnaires, made the people at the scene very rewarding, and spent the healing autumn and winter holidays with good food, good music, and good art. We look forward to seeing you again in the coming year.

Art Creation in Residence

This year’s three groups of artists Danai Dalifu, Huang Jincheng, Duwak Duyao and Chen Shuyan created landscape works in the park, which has become a new online beauty spot in the Zhuangwei Ecological Park, and their works will continue to be exhibited until 2023. In the middle of March 28th, I hope that through artworks, people can see the beauty of landscape, art and culture through life, and realize that art aesthetics is an indispensable part of life.

Art Gathering Point

For the first “Art Gathering Point” held this year, 8 local art and cultural spaces were invited, namely “Niutousi-Gengniu Primary School” in Zhuangwei, “Muyutian Commercial Bank”, “Yuban Book Room”, “Zhuang Wai Shiba Island”, “Roadside Barbecue x Wai Canteen”, “Ruin Restaurant x Kamalan Driftwood Art School”, Toucheng Old Street “Lancheng Lane Co., Ltd.-Goldfish. Cuobian”, Yilan Wujie Township Farmers Association Warehouse The “Lize International Puppet Show Art Village” will also continue to provide a variety of hand-made activities and lecture activities that combine local tours, art and food experiences after the concert. Welcome everyone to follow Yilan and Zhuangwei Experts participate in local art and culture tours, follow the creative hands of artists to experience hand-made, or experience the unique products and agricultural handicrafts of Zhuangwei, and also enjoy the charm of images and space under the guidance of image experts, or world idols The performance introduction of the opera can make people enjoy the artistic and cultural atmosphere in the Zhuangwei Dune Land Arts Festival.

Epidemic Prevention Mechanism

In order to implement the new life of epidemic prevention and travel with peace of mind, we remind everyone to cooperate with the policies of the Central Epidemic Command Center when participating in various activities. Please wear a mask when entering the venue, and you can enter the venue after spraying alcohol for disinfection. Please be sure to abide by the principles of epidemic prevention.

For more information, please visit the website of the Northeast Point and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office:
or festival event website For inquiries, please pay attention to the FB fan pages of “2022 Zhuangwei Sand Dune Landscape Art Festival” and “Friends of the Northeast Corner” for real-time details of the event.
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