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Shu-Yen Chen & Tuwak Tuyaw

Artist Profile

Shu-Yen Chen
Born in Luye, Taitung. She lives on the east coast of Hualien.

From clothing to painting, and then from painting to fiber art creation, Chen Shuyan likes spiritual creation developed from primitive natural materials and ancient craft culture, and explores the linkage between the inner soul and the natural environment! He often uses plant fibers such as bark cloth, three-dimensional handmade paper, plant dyeing, bamboo and rattan weaving, and environmental composite media to create three-dimensional shapes and environmental space installations.

In 2005, he came to Xinshe tribe on the east coast of Hualien for assisting tribal craftsmanship. Later, he established Paterongan Art, a light weaving house with Duwak Duyao, and cooperated with the tribe to extend and innovate the traditional Kavalan bamboo and rattan weaving Sanku fish basket into life. Lighting art and many space landscape creations; over the years, we have continued to promote and create artistic aesthetics based on Taiwan’s unique plant materials and cultural craftsmanship, and retrieve the intimate relationship with nature and land that humans have gradually lost in this era. Life practice, innovative development of contemporary art and life aesthetics.

Tuwak Tuyaw
Kavalan people
Bamboo and rattan creator

Duwak Duyao, who has both Amis and Kavalan bloodlines, has devoted himself to the inheritance and creation of bamboo and rattan weaving in the Xinshe tribe since 2008. The inspiration for his creation comes from the fishing and hunting culture of the Kavalan people living close to the ocean and rivers. Tradition. He is good at designing and making Sanku fish traps made of black leaf bamboo and yellow rattan into various living space works and installation art.

Since 2013, Chen Shuyan, a partner fiber artist who has been creating together for a long time, has jointly organized the Light Weaving House (Bat Hongan Handicraft Workshop), and cooperated with tribal craftsmen to continue to innovate the use of the bamboo and rattan weaving techniques of the Kavalan Sanku fish trap and the Austronesian people as Living lighting and space landscape. Maintain the technology, wisdom and craftsmanship of natural material collection, retrieve the intimate relationship with nature and land that humans have gradually lost in this era, look forward to continuing the traditional craftsmanship of the tribe, and carry out innovative development of contemporary art and life aesthetics.


Work title: Drifting Boat, Seeds of Hope
Work material: driftwood, sand, stone, mosaic, metal

A boat, drifting, ventures into the distance while carrying the seeds from home, bearing hope even when sailing against the wind. There is always a piece of land for someone to plant their root and propagate their offspring. When the children who are forced to migrate return with the roots of hope, they understand that their home is with them. As long as they bring with the plant seeds from home, they will always know where to anchor. The seeds are based on the kasup, which means to the ever wandering Kavalans “taking root wherever you land”.

Artwork Location