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Tagay Talif

Artist Profile

The Amis people from the port tribe of Fengbin Township, Hualien County, who are leaning on the mountains and facing the sea, grew up in the watershed of the Xiuguluan River at the mouth of the sea. The rich natural ecology has nourished the ancestors of the past dynasties, and the ocean, rice fields, rivers, and forests have also nurtured the artist Danai‧ Darif’s life and creative inspiration. He worked with his father in paddy fields and coexisted with buffaloes since he was a child. His childhood life deeply influenced Danay’s creative life. Therefore, in his 30-year artistic creation career starting from driftwood sculpture, Danay also used the buffalo to call upon his childhood and locality. , tribal natural environment and human emotion as the main creative vocabulary.

達耐 達立夫

Work title: Fun and Relax
Work material: black iron, cloth rope, cement, barbed wire

Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park is located neighboring the coastline. Listening to the sound of the waves breaking and relaxing, pausing to enjoy the unique dune scenery and taking in the natural environment somehow reminds the artist how his father often bring him strolling in the fields with water buffalos. It was the most precious memory from his childhood.

Nowadays, people are always occupied and often forget how long it has been since they have relaxed and spent quality time with their families. Therefore, the artist created this set of works with the image of a buffalo play and at rest, hoping that people who come to appreciate the artwork will also be able to fully enjoy themselves in this sunny meadow.

Artwork Location