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When Yilan people see Guishan Island floating in the Pacific Ocean, returning home wanderers can take a deep breath of the moist and fresh air of Lanyang Plain with peace of mind and say, “I’m home!”.

Just like the poem written by Lanyang writer Huang Chunming, the “Guishan Island” that you look at every day is the image of “home” for people who have lived on this plain for thousands of years.


In 2023, let us go deep into one of Yilan’s eight scenic spots “Guishan Asahi” to kick off the opening of this year’s Zhuangwei Life Festival. Xiang rethinks himself, is about to go through the winter, welcomes and blooms the light of hope.

The “Guishan Asahi” in Yilan County is listed as one of the “Eight Views of Lanyang”. The sun rises from the mouth of the turtle on Guishan Island on the sea. Time is the best time of the year for photography lovers.


  • Date: June 11, 2023, 06:05 onwards
  • Location: Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park (can be used as an outdoor lawn)
  • Registration fee: NT$400 per person
  • Registration limit: 50 people
  • The breakfast lunch box provided by Luluyelife
  • Registration deadline: June 1, 12:00


Online registration (Traditional Chinese):