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Attention all booth friends, 7/22-7/23 Qiu‧Haihai concert market registration is only accepted until 6/20 (Tue) 17:00!
Don’t pay attention to the recruitment news after you miss the event, share the information with your booth friends~

▍Registration Notes:
• Thank you for your support over the past year, this year’s site restrictions, the number of people invited to the market for 15 to 20 deposits, the name of the uniform fishing line, the main site commander, the theme design of the next activity, and the request of friends Approximately 5 to 7 households with joint ventures. Form of application for completion of application, e-mail or telephone notification after the examination, award or supplementary status, notification of non-selected applicants’ non-compliance; Assistance, supplementing the needs of the activities of the main staff.
• If the request is confirmed, if the item is not included in the item or the name of the item in the report, the request will be immediately improved or the request will be withdrawn.
The market is open for registration from now on, and will close after 17:00 on June 20 (Tuesday). After the list of reservations is approved, the selected candidates will be announced on the FB fan page and official Zhuangwei Living Arts Festival website. Temporary registration will not be accepted on site.
• The concept of ecological protection, the name of the product, plastic products for use in evacuation, temporary evacuation equipment, personal items such as self-contained bags, tableware, suction pipes, water bottles, etc., and replenishment of drinking water provided by the service desk.
• Commodities or equipment for performers on display at the booths are mainly based on the spirit of “creative arts”, and booths featuring local ingredients, local agricultural products, handmade natural materials, and environmentally friendly packaging designs are encouraged to enter.
• The market is of an outdoor type, so please bring your own rain gear, signboards, tables, chairs or floor mats and other rain-proof and moisture-proof equipment; if the booth is of a performance nature, please bring your own musical instruments, wires and other related equipment. If the rain backup plan is activated due to climatic factors, please follow the guidance of the on-site staff to the designated area.
• Please plan the characteristics and atmosphere of the booth and design the booth signboard. Each booth uses a square area of ​​about 3 meters in length and width as the principle. The organizer can designate the use area of ​​the booth according to the local conditions.

▍Liability obligation:
• Quality of protection activities, uniformity of unsatisfactory claims at each location of the election fair, participation in promotional activities, this year’s temporary communication fee (see below for each category), temporary temporary transportation insurance money for each selection:

(1) NT$0 for handicrafts and other items/each time, NT$0 in total.
(2) Food and drink NT$0 / per visit, total NT$0.

• For outdoor booths, a 3-meter tent is provided. The stallholders need to bring their own business water. Each booth is equipped with 1 table and 2 chairs. The market provides 1 110-volt power socket. At the same time, in order to avoid power failure, please do not use the power Electrical appliances above 1,000 watts (eg hair dryer, oven, etc.). Please let us know in advance if you have special electricity needs.

▍Special Notes:
• 1. We advocate environmentally friendly applied thinking, and encourage the use of easily biodegradable materials within the scope of activities, such as betel nut sheaths, moon peach leaves, banana leaves, lotus leaves, or natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, wood and stone, and encourage the reduction of plastic cups and plates, etc. For single-use products, stallholders are encouraged to provide visitors with recyclable tableware, cups, etc. by depositing or renting them. Or provide preferential programs to encourage tourists to bring their own eating utensils. In the future, the characteristics of this market will be formed. At the same time, please pay attention to the recycling of tableware and clean it, so that the next user can feel more at ease.
• 2. This market advocates an energy-saving attitude towards life. All stallholders are requested to think about minimizing the use or reliance on electrical appliances and reducing or avoiding plastic packaging materials in the design, production, packaging, and sales of finished products.
• 3. The location configuration of each booth and the scope of use shall be designated by the executive unit as a whole.

(1) Venue time: Asahi field, every day open after 06:30 am Advance vehicle, completed before 07:30, start loading and unloading. After 13:00 pm after the next day of life, the market will be open to the public, advance to the designated flow line for side-by-side activities, and after the completion of loading and unloading of the vehicle, the transfer site will be immediately transferred, and the vehicle will be moved to the airport before 14:30 on the same day, and will be completed before 15:00. Successful start of installation.
(2) Exit time: Each time will be announced according to the time required by the host and owner.

• NT$5 million of public accident insurance for the whole process of the market event.
• The executive unit may adjust the content, date and recruitment method of the market activities according to the actual situation, and immediately announce it on the FB fan page of the festival.
• This market is a public event and is set as a non-smoking place. Participants are requested to cooperate.

▍Event Time and Pace
1. Time:
2023.6.11 (Sun), Asahi field, 07:30-11:30.
2023.7.22-23 (Sat-Sun), 15:00-20:00.
2023.8.19 (Sat), 15:00-20:00 pm.

2. Location: Yilan County Sheishaqiu Ecological Park (Lane 196, Lane 18, Section 2, Sheibin Road, Yilan County)

Online registration is required: Please fill in the application form completely, and the selected booth will be notified by E-mail or telephone after verification.
Online registration:
General regulations (Traditional Chinese): Download

Zhuangwei Living Arts Festival Market Group / Contact Email: