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Yilan-Taiwan Hao Xing Zhuangwei Sand Dune Line | Zhuangwei Niu School (Niutousi Experience Farm)

Date: 2023.11.30
Ticket price: NT$190

In the northeast corner, the three routes of Taiwan Haoxing all have their own stations connected in series. This year’s package product is mainly “Double-line Fun”. Anyone who buys a set of tickets for any of the three routes can enjoy a one-day unlimited ride experience coupon for two routes , swim in the northeast corner.

“Taiwan Travel – Zhuangwei Sand Dune Line” links “Yilan Transit Station – Happiness Transit Station – Zhuangwei Township Office – Zhuangwei Tourist Service Park – Fuxing Village – Houpi – Baoan Temple – Guoling – Yongzhen Coastal Recreation Area – New Society – Dafu Seaside Recreation Area – Dafu Water Gate – Zhu’an – Zhu’an Temple – Zhu’an Elementary School – Damayan – Toucheng Binhai Forest Park – Dakeng Observation Deck – Wushi Port Transit Station – Toucheng Railway Station” 12 stops +8 temporary stops, along the way you can visit major attractions between towns.
“Taiwan Travel – Northeast Coastline of Yilan” links “Jiaoxi Transit Station – Baishijiao – Toucheng Station – Wushigang Transit Station – Northeast Corner Scenic Area Wai’ao Station – Wai’ao – Dayuan – Renewal – Renewal Fishing Port – Beiguan ─Qiaobanhu─Zhongxiao New Village─Daxi─Daxi Community─Xingang─Dali─Tiangong Temple (Dali Visitor Center)─Dashu─Shicheng─Tunnel Entrance─Shicheng Service Area─Dajuao─Yingge Stone─Lailai─Qi Source-Magang” has 13 sites + 13 friendly sites. There is a bus every 60 minutes, and it is most convenient to schedule and plan your itinerary!

This package offers a ticket exchange for a “Niu Tou Si-Geng Niu Elementary School Ticket”. You can come here to have close contact with the cattle, feed the cattle and graze, help the cattle to brush their backs, and plan a trip to Yilan that is fun for parents and children.