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Lua Rivera

Artist Profile

Lua Rivera is a Mexican-born installation artist. She is good at the cross-border integration of artistic creation media and categories, which promotes the free interaction between them, and allows the exhibition of works to go beyond the walls of the gallery. Lua’s artwork is based on the processes of living organisms such as nesting, growth, and adaptation. What makes her unique as a visual artist is her continuous exploration and use of multimedia resources such as participatory performance, video, photography and textiles.

Lua Rivera

Title: Sun of the Dunes / 沙丘的太陽
Dimensions: 10 x 10 m

Materials: steel bars, metal pipes, fabrics

The sea breeze is always present in the Zhuangwei dunes. Here, the wind from the mountains met the wind breeze from the sea and shape the landscape continuously. In the dunes the only constant is change.

“The Sun of the Dunes” is a representation of a star within a star surrounded by the 6 smaller suns. The nucleus is made with fabric and tinsel and moves continuously with the wind. The sculpture makes visible the path and intensity of the winds at this location. It reminds us of the impermanence and the sublime transformations of this place. The actual installation will be adjusted to the location conditions and the color of the fabrics is subject to disponibility.

Artwork Location

Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park