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Daisuke Kuroda

Artist Profile

Born in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture in 1982, lives in Hiroshima. In 2013, graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Graduate School of Art and Design, Hiroshima City University. In addition to producing works, he is also engaged in exhibition planning and management, and is the curator of “Let’s Stop the Team”. Daisuke Kuroda is an artist in the field of contemporary art based on sculpture creation. In recent years, he has attracted great attention in Japan, specializing in outdoor and indoor installations, and has also created many video works. He has studied in Taiwan for 3 years, creating works by interacting with people and researching their history, stories and land.

Daisuke Kuroda

Title: Bird’s Perspective

Msterials: composite media video installation

All kinds of beautiful birds live around Yilan Zhuangwei. I decided to create from the perspective of a bird. The inspiration came from the fact that during this residency, I was traveling through the fields and countryside by bicycle. I always met a big curly tail (Wuqiu) who kept approaching and trying to touch me in a fixed place. I have learned courage and dignity in the actions of the big capuchin, what do they see? what do you feel? They must have also witnessed the historical, cultural and natural changes of Yilan Zhuangwei for hundreds of years. Through the perspective of imagining birds, it also extends the ability to imagine others. Therefore, this work is a video installation in which the artist himself acts as a cursive tail, and a bird’s-eye view of Zhuangwei, Yilan. In the bird’s-eye view, those existing impressive things, exchanges with Kavalan people and other local people, and traces of rituals are all recorded as constellation coordinates. I hope that this work from the bird’s perspective can enrich people’s stroll in Zhuangwei.

Artwork Location

Inside the Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Visitor Center