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趙俊堡 Kulo

Artist Profile

趙俊堡 Kulo

Born in 1968 in Keelung, currently living in Hualien. He is a creative worker who works in the sea or city as a long-time creator of leather and environmental preservation media and composite media.

He is small and he likes the picture, especially the bell love map. Appears to be rigid, has a flexible mind that is compatible with each other, has a strong sensitivity to both people and things, and is also warm and flexible.

“Of course you won’t die if you don’t create, but you will live uncomfortable.” For Kulo, creation is a kind of spiritual outlet and release. Creation allows Kulo to fully express himself in his own world; combining leather creation with wood and glass Such as composite media, turning complexity into simplicity, and turning each material into the best state in his mind is his purest original intention and pursuit of creation. “In fact, the environmental protection of creation lies in intangibility rather than tangible. No matter what material is used for creation, I will make it the best, most durable, and most beautiful. For me, this is the real environmental protection.”


Work title: Dusk
Dimensions: 50 x 10 x 10 cm

Materials: driftwood, leather, crystal


Work title: Street Light
Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 20 cm

Materials: driftwood, wine bottle, leather, crystal


Work title: Monarch
Dimensions: 120 x 45 x ⌀10 cm

Materials: driftwood, leather, crystal


Work title: Sunset Cypress Meal
Dimensions: 160 x 50 x 25 cm

Materials: drift cypress, glass


Work title: Red Cloth Wave
Dimensions: 97 x 20 cm

Materials: driftwood, wine bottles, aluminum wire


Work title: princess and Flower
Dimensions: 90 x 20 cm

Materials: drift cypress, old glass

趙俊堡_ 銀河之艷_2

Work title: The Beauty of the Galaxy
Dimensions: 100 x 40 cm

Materials: aluminum, iron, glass

Artwork Location

Inside the Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Visitor Center