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Shengzhong Zhuang & Weiru Wu

Artist Profile

Ah Zhong (Shengzhong Zhuang)

Co-founder of Hualien Yanliaohai or Crazy Market
Before 2000, he traveled to more than 30 countries in the world and has been engaged in space design for 20 years.
After 2000, he and Wu Juan founded the Chiayi Lantan Art Flea Market, which was the beginning of a thriving creative market in Taiwan in the future.
Since 2009, he has moved to Hualien and opened a seaside or handmade homestay with his relatives in Fulang, which has become the seaside base of Crazy Market for more than ten years.
At the end of 2022, with the transformation of the sea or the form of existence, individuals moved from the sea to the mountains, trying to store the energy that has flowed like the wind for more than 20 years in a fixed land to evolve the future.


Ali (Weiru Wu)

Ali (Weiru Wu) is a mother and her two children who came to the present in a moment of black and white.
With Mother Earth taking care of her, she has to find a balance between roles.

Pupu (Lin Xi) Ready to go to Xibao Elementary School, do you believe that one child can knock down three adults? Ali often looked at her and saw himself puffing!
Yoyo (Wu Hun) produced in the sea at the end of last year or took advantage of the trend. It is carefree. For now, I can only look at it~
Creation is instinct, but it is too late to mature. Last year, it was the first time for Hai or Creation Camp, and this time, we will use Zhuangwei Art Festival to express the faint but warm light of daily trivial fragments.


Work title: Artificial Light. Intertidal zone some faint flickering lights
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300 cm

Materials: dead wood, rusted iron, embroidery thread, gauze, epoxy, electrical wire, cloth

Like a night fisherman you meet by chance on the sand dunes, a working fishing boat fishing all night in the distant sea
People try to echo the brightness of the starry sky
The most prosperous scene is the season of replenishing eel seedlings, which is the limit of expression of human groups

Artificial light Humans are also phototaxis animals~

Ah Zhong dived into the bottom of the sea and is currently 30 meters away. His breathing is not smooth, but he can still vaguely see scales shining through the moonlight and the sea.

Ali is on the sand dunes, leading the children to weave dream nets, sometimes the children are very noisy and can’t pee and shit, but with the help of the lights, continue to wait

These desires to create are weak but real

After all, creation exists in every living cell

Even weak

Artwork Location

Inside the Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Visitor Center