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Lize Puppet Art Colony

“Lize Puppet Art Colony” can be regarded as the first park in Asia with puppet show as its theme. It has been built with care over the past six years. The venue contains a rich collection of puppets from around the world and the interactive puppet shows created by international resident artists. Stage display and other equipment, as well as breathtaking professional puppet-making classrooms and carpentry workshops, as well as three large, medium and small theaters and rehearsal areas with various professional types, which can be used for puppet creation, art and cultural interaction. A captivating creative space to experience and perform educational outreach. In order to promote the aesthetics of puppet show, the Puppet Show Village has specially planned a series of guided activities of “Puppets Playing in the Barn”, as a reading visit and recreational itinerary for the general public to get close to and understand the art of puppet show, including the “World Puppet Exhibition”, “Puppet Show Base Visit”, “Interactive Puppet Theater”, etc., is a professional art park that combines the beauty of puppet art with a diverse display environment and infinite creativity, and is worth exploring in depth.

Lize Puppet Art Colony Creative Art Tour

Lize Puppet Art Colony Creative Art Tour

  • Show
  • Using the rich and diverse puppet collections of the puppet show village, guide the participants through a creative way to explore the splendor of puppet shows in the world; and arrange a “Son of the Sun” contemporary puppet show performance with the theme of Paiwan culture, covering static Exhibitions and dynamic art performances provide a multifaceted view of puppetry art and creativity. Through performances, the artistic beauty of Taiwan’s ethnic culture and contemporary puppetry will be brought in.
  • Activity 1: “I Play in the Barn” interactive guide
    (1) “United Nations of Puppet Shows” – Browse through 20 years of wonderful collections and get a glimpse of the appearance of puppet shows in the world.
    (2) “Magic of the Stage” – Czech creative agency exhibition, revealing the secrets of the stage structure.
    (3) “On-site investigation of puppet art creation” – Shuttle through the puppet making room, wood factory and rehearsal field, witness the birth of puppet fantasy, and the master is in the barn.
    (4) “Heilulu Creative Puppet” Do it yourself and take the puppet home.
  • Activity 2: “Son of the Sun” Contemporary Puppet Theater
    In order to let the visitors have a deeper understanding of the connotation of contemporary puppet show art, the visitors will perform a wonderful contemporary puppet show performance from the Paiwan mythology “Son of the Sun”. “Children of the Sun” takes the “sun”, the spiritual symbol of the Paiwan people, as the main axis of the story. It describes that the sun god descended from the sky and walked on the ground. He gave birth to three eggs in a pond, and a child emerged from the eggs. The watching animals were stunned! Rumuchi, the child of the sun, caused many troubles to humans because he liked to play in the human world, and some misunderstandings occurred. Finally, after the animals and humans prepared rich gifts to sacrifice to the sun, the sun forgives them, and they become good friends again.

【Activity Information】
Date: 2022.12.17 (Sat), 14:00-16:30
Venue: Lize International Puppet Show Art Village | No. 37, Lize East Road, Wujie Township, Yilan County
Max. capacity: 60 people

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