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Niou Tou Sih The Home of Farming Cattle

Niou Tou Sih The Home of Farming Cattle is a parent-child experience farm centered on the culture of farming cattle, providing an experience of close interaction with cattle. Here you can feed the cattle and graze them, help the cattle to groom, bathe the buffaloes in summer, and experience plowing the fields and roasting popcorn with cattle firewood.

It is hoped that through interaction with cattle and traditional farming experience activities, everyone will have the opportunity to get close to animals and the land, feel the emotions between people and cattle in traditional rural areas, and find the harmonious symbiotic relationship between people, animals and the environment.


2023 Zhuangwei Harvest Sharing Season

  • Workshop
  • This year, with the concept of Harvest Sharing Season—Summer Rice Food Party, four themed activities will be planned, namely “Rice Food Party”, “Rural Experience”, “Straw Handmade”, and “Natural Games”. Rice as the theme to experience the five senses, let everyone eat, drink, play and have fun.
    “Rice Food Party” will invite Zhuangwei Magic Grandma to lead everyone to make rice pearl balls and Niugong rice sushi DIY activities. Niutaushi will also use “rice” as a cooking element to develop different rice snacks, including: Moo Dao Li pure rice Brewed Tiao Drink, Peanut Rolled Rice Dafu, Brown Rice Winter Melon Tea, Red Bean Black Rice Ice.
    “Rural experience” will match the “cow” element of the park, roast corn and sweet potatoes in a kiln with ox wood, straw, and chaff, and arrange experience activities such as feeding the cows, brushing the cows, and bathing the cows.
    “Straw Handmade” will be extended with the use of traditional rural straw, allowing everyone to make straw wreaths and play with children.
    “Natural Games” will design a miniature Daoxiang natural game settlement with large straw rolls, so that children can roll straw rolls, climb, and create more diverse ways of playing with natural materials in Daoxiang.
  • Date: 2023.8.20 (Sun) | 13:30-18:00