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嶼伴書間 The Isle Bookstore

The Isle Bookstore

The Isle Bookstore is a family of three trying to imagine life. It is not easy step by step, but they are always on the road. Cares about human rights and social issues, and is also committed to practicing children’s right to play and participate. I hope more friends can join us on this road. By the way, we will have an exciting movie time. Friends who like books, picture books, videos, and coffee are welcome to sit down.


The ability to tell a story begins with reading and observing feelings

  • All are matched with books and topics and invite lecturers or authors to share, hoping to promote ideas and books, and let more people see and know the hard work and efforts of artists and creators, so as to encourage all creators!
  • Workshop
  • Date:
    • 7.26 Human Rights Stories and Picture Book Creation
    • 7.27 Collecting Social Life Stories
    • 7.28 Human Rights Picture Book – The Light in the Story
    • 8.5 Social Photography Theme Photography Exhibition
    • 8.26 Children’s Daily Poetry Thoughts Sharing Session
    • 9.9 I Have a Small Question about Infidelity, New Book Sharing Session
    • 10.1 Movie Watchers and Talk Sharing Session
    • 10.28 In the World of Pippi Longstocking, Show the Courage of Children’s Rights Without Fear of Authority