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Wild BBQ X Wasted Town

Wild BBQ X Wasted Town, in Zhuangwei, Yilan. A local restaurant that combines table-style skewers with Zhuangwei local cuisine. With the rich agricultural and fishery products of Zhuangwei Township, we will launch limited skewers, Zhuangwei hot pot dishes and local dining tables according to the seasons, use ingredients to lead the way, and deepen the cooperation network relationship of regional communities


Resident Village of Zhuangwei Local Cuisine

  • Guided tour
  1. Local exchanges: 2023.10.24 (Tue) – 2023.10.28 (Sat)
    Invite the Yunlin team to visit the production area of ​​Zhuangwei, and hold a cooking salon with local business partners
  2. Limited time-limited family members’ village skewers: time to be determined
    The cultural thermos team will be stationed in the canteen, combining the flavor of the military family’s village with skewers, bringing the military family’s village roasted soymilk chicken fillet, the military family’s village-style pasta-jajang noodles, beef noodles, etc. Flavor! (Cooking content is under discussion)
  3. Cooking show: 2023.10.29 (Sun) – 2023.10.30 (Mon)
    The Zhuangwei Sip Pah Lah team and the cultural thermos team shared the stories of their dedication to local food, and performed cooking performances on the spot, allowing the participating people to taste different local flavors of food.
    ・Invitees: People who are interested in food culture
    ・Invited cooperation unit: Cultural thermos