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Zhuangwei Sip Pat Lah

A mysterious social organism rooted in Yilan Zhuangwei
Space Experiment|Sustainable Living|Land Education|Community Action

In 2016, it started with a migration adventure of intra-island migration.

“Sip Pat Lah” is derived from “Eighteen Dice Boys” in Taiwanese, which originally means “rolling dice”.
With the courage to gamble, we began to take root in Yilan Zhuang Enclosure.
We dig into life, the desire for land and the study of sustainable life.
Opened up several inquiries about the meaning of existence and extended the resilience of local life.
It also created an experimental field for a group of wonderful partners to gather!
Conform to nature, fearless setbacks, and constantly evolve, roll, and grow organically!
Every step, throw the courage to risk life.

Expect us,
Continue to revisit the generational face of the island of Taiwan with a local perspective.
Together, together, in Zhuangwei, live a good life
Practice with action, explore the sense of local life, together we…

Space Experiment
We are willing to add the experimental imagination of sustainable life to different living space types, and discuss the possibility of space activation through the integration of life perspectives from the design perspective. It is possible to invite friends from all walks of life to enter the place together and gain practical experience!

Sustainable Living
Through continuous and in-depth exploration of the land, we re-look at “agriculture” and “local life”, and the multiple appearances after superimposing each other, from farming experiments, terroir meal design, farming, fishery and food education trainee, to farming-oriented. On the way, we continue to explore new possibilities and practice the imagination of sustainable homes.

Land Education
“The real classroom is outside the window, and profound learning is in life.” Every year, with the seasons, we promote diverse life and learning themes: Zhuangwei local children, Pumen life practice courses, environmental learning and light travel, rural flavor hand-made, and continue to recruit young trainees who move to Zhuangwei. Through the vision and action of land education, let adults and children grow together in Zhuangwei.

Community Action
We attach great importance to the power of community cooperation between local communities and families, and conduct tourism experience cooperation, project courses and product development through action series, topic research, brand co-branding… A life brand that conveys the life stories that belong to Zhuangwei.

Permaculture Practices: Real Food Experience

Terroir Meal Action: Wai Canteen

Community connection platform: Zhuangwei Sip Pat Lah


“Weiwei Co-Creating Settlement” Ecological Pad Printing and Dyeing Workshop

  • Workshops
  • Plants often appear in our lives, whether it is weeds on the roadside, potted plants grown by neighbors, dishes on the dining table, plant woven ornaments at home, bouquets dedicated to lovers… they can be seen everywhere! But, have you ever observed their appearance well? Have you ever stroked their veins, or compared the shape of each leaf carefully, or stared at their changing colors with the seasons?
    Plant printing and dyeing emphasizes the exploration and application of local plants. Materials taken from nature change with the seasons, and the results that cannot be fully grasped are a mysterious aesthetic pursuit. Feel the magic of plant printing and dyeing.
  • Course content:
    • Instructions for plant printing and dyeing
    • After the plant leaves are arranged on the cloth, tie tightly and steam for 90 minutes
    • Cooking time explains the principle and technology of printing and dyeing
    • Cloth can be brought back on the same day
  • Invited partner: William Phytodye
  • Date: 2023.8.4 (Fri) | 10:30-17:30