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裝咖人 X 黃博裕

裝咖人Tsng-kha-lâng X 黃博裕

Formed in 2017, Tsng-kha-lâng (裝咖人) is a young talneted group consisting of members studying in sinophone literature. With their debut album “Iā-Kuan Sûn-Tiûnn” (夜官巡場), they focus on local religion, local history and the 228 Incident. In the music, they combine traditional Beiguan, folk and rock’n’roll compositions through field research, sining in the beauty of Taiwanese with psychedelic flavor. This album will also be followed by a novel written by the lead vocal Tiunn Ka-siông (張嘉祥). These works – as well as the band’s live performances – prove that Tsng-kha-lâng is one of the most creative and important new rising bands in Taiwan.