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Ardor Huang


After graduating from high school, Ardor Huang left his hometown and came to Taipei to work hard and worked as a production assistant at Xin Music; one time, he was unexpectedly helping Lin Qiang, who was temporarily unable to be present, to sing the commercial song “Qiang Qiang Roll” for the instant noodle series “Qiang Qiang Roll”. Entered the music scene; from 1992 to 2003, released three albums, “Rogue”, “Rogue”, “Look at the World”, and produced the single “Light”, the soundtrack of the movie “Singles and Doubles”, and Taiwan TV Idol. The TV album “Rock and Roll Sars”, Huang Junxiong’s puppet show “The Wind and Cloud” TV album and other works. He was nominated for the Best Song of the Year Award at the 4th Golden Melody Awards with “Rolling Strong”.

Ardor Huang made his debut in the “dream way” that many musicians dreamed of, and was recruited by Crystal Records, the most anticipated naturalization by independent musicians at the time. The music map spanned mainstream and independent music. Friends in the circle described him as the most powerful and also The gentlest “music hooligan”. A hooligan who yearned for a peaceful life, temporarily left the rock circle because he was not used to the media attention after the film was released, and he returned to Kinmen to take care of his seriously ill mother. In life, I decided to return to the music scene and be with music.

In 2014, Ardor Huang returned to the music scene with the single “Useless Ka Xiao”, which was released in June 2014. At the end of July 2014, Rogue Ade’s new song “Peace Fu” was shortlisted in the top ten of the “103 Taiwan Original Pop Music Awards Heluo Category”, and finally won the excellent result. In 2015, he released the album “Useless Coffee”, and was nominated for the Best Taiwanese Male Singer Award at the 27th Golden Melody Awards the following year.

In 2018, he released a new Taiwanese creation album “Warm a Pot of Youth Drinking Wine”, which has been in violation for three years. The following year, this album was nominated for the 30th Golden Melody Awards Annual Album Award, Best Taiwanese Album Award, Best Taiwanese Male Singer Award and Best Binding Design Award (Cai Shuyu), a total of four awards.