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Displaced Paiwan musician Balai is an indigenous urban singer-songwriter of the new generation in Taiwan. His songs are created from his indigenous blood and soul. His music is infused with the spirits of his identity and the land. Balai sings with an ancient soul that still carries purity and innocence. He creates a historical identification for the new indigenous youth which will never be defeated.

In December of 2015 Balai released his first solo album “The Modern Ancient”, which received enormous positive response. In the next year he won the best Indigenous Singer at the 27th Golden Melody Awards. He was also nominated in five categories (including Best New Artist, Best Album and Single), and went on to win the Best Alternative Single at the Golden Indie Music Awards with the song “Soar”. Balai has performed many times in Taiwan and abroad. His live performances are endearing and powerful and not to be missed.