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Black 2 Storm

Black Storm

The two-person group was established in 2013. They are the lead singer, musician and harmony voice. They come from the southernmost tip of Taiwan – Pingtung.

The lead singer and drummer Du Shaoying is from Wutai Township, Lukai. It is located in the tribe with the highest altitude, so it is called the “Tribe in the Cloud”, and it is also the only way to the Little Ghost Lake. Lead singer and guitarist – Du Jiaqing is from Sandimen Township, Paiwan. The most famous is the traditional stone house and the ancient tunes that have been sung for more than 300 years.

The group name “Black Whirlwind” has published many songs on the Internet. One of their own songs “Muling” was unprecedentedly sung on youtube before it was officially released. On the road, someone has been found to cover this song and shoot the MV.

The lively and joyful stage experience is quite rich, and the singing skills should not be underestimated. Musical instruments are their strengths, and singing is their strength. Every time they perform, they can play and sing to drive the atmosphere.