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Genio Dance Group

Genio Dance was founded by Lian Ho in 2000, with an eye to choreograph Flamenco de Formosa. Cultivating the creation of flamenco which is not the mainstream in Taiwanese performance art. The creation mixed up with ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco, and Taiwanese local music, pondered over how to combine Taiwanese and Spanish those two different cultures with originality flamenco dance and walked out the borders by art conversation.

Professional Spanish dancer training and teaching are other critical works for Genio Dance, endeavoring to break the superficial cognition of flamenco dance. Dancers continued going through professional jazz dance, contemporary dance, ballet dance, and flamenco dance training, releasing direct and vivid emotions to the audience by their creative body movements, looking forward to transmitting the emotion of touch to everywhere and let the breath of freedom to profoundly influence people who have deep affection of life and art.

Genio Dance’s president constantly works on performance art, humanities, and art all the year round. Performing from picture-frame stage to every corner around, regarding sky and land as the stage. Lian Ho devoted herself to artistic care and art education in the long term, entering the tenth anniversary during this year.

Since the year of typhoon Morakot, Genio Dance started going from mountain to sea, through the remote rural area and devastated places. We accompany the tribespeople via dancing and rebuild their emotional trauma, bringing courage and opportunities for kids to chase dreams. Besides letting performance art go into the tribes, Lian Ho also launched the “Taiwan Veteran’s House touring show project.” Every year they dance through sixteen Veteran’s Houses in Taiwan, paying respect to the unwithered old soldiers by dancing, embracing them with warmness and concern.