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Lanyang Symphony Orchestra

蘭陽交響樂團 Lanyang Symphony Orchestra

Lanyang Symphony Orchestra is a private orchestra formed by a group of young musicians called by musician Chen Shijie in 2015. It was formally established in early 2016 and recruited outstanding young conductor Mr. You Jiafu as the music director. Since 2017, it has taken root and established a youth orchestra, recruiting philharmonic students from elementary school, middle school, and high school to join the orchestra, in order to achieve the inheritance and promotion of music education.

The purpose of Lanxiang’s establishment is to make friends with music and entertain people with music. It is hoped that the chapter of music will be based in Taiwan and look forward to the world. In order to promote the life of music, through non-scheduled large and small performances, for non-profit purposes, organize music-related performances and international cultural and art exchange activities, and participate in public welfare performances from time to time, so that music can take root in the community and spread to the whole of Taiwan .

The musicians who have performed with Lanxiang since its establishment include Nicolae Dohotaru, artistic director and conductor of the Chisinau Opera, violinists Su Xianda, Yi Shenxing, and pianist Ye Luna , composer Shi Qingru, flute player Hu Zhiwei, cellist Xiao Wenyan, vocalists Zuo Hanying, Ye Zhanyu, Xia Qingyi, Zhang Yinqi, Luo Xinru, rock singer Yao Kejie, erhu player Guo Shanru; and other art groups, including the Yilan Bel Canto Chamber Choir, Yilan Youth Chinese Orchestra, Unique Puppet Troupe, Lanyang Dance Troupe, etc.