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Red Nose Circus - "The Phantom Thief, The Judge and Green Pearl"


Red Nose Circus “The Phantom Thief, The Judge and Green Pearl”.
• he Cultural Center’s resident drama is moved again with a limited edition of Zhuangwei Sand Dunes
• The story of General Guishan Island and Princess Gemalan, a new chapter in the legend of Lanyang

Performance Introduction
“Phantom Thief, The Judge and Green Pearl” is a work that combines tradition and innovation. It adapts the local legend of Yilan “Princess Gemalan”. During the creation process, we also want to bring an “immersive experience” to the audience. ” rather than “just a performance”.

Story Content
After years of hard collecting, the Dragon King of the East China Sea finally collected all the green pearl fragments except for one. Late that night, the alarm bell sounded in the Dragon Palace, and the missing green pearl was actually stolen! Based on on-site aura tracking, the suspect’s hiding location was identified: located in the Moon River! The Dragon King led a million-strong army to the city. Emperor Wenchang, the main god in charge of the park, wisely defused the war in order to maintain peace in the park.

Everything will evolve into a trial of the century… Who is that thief? Why was the green pearl stolen from the Dragon King? Where do the missing pieces go? Who was at fault for the tragedy that year? The answers will be revealed in the park…

This work was commissioned by the “Quanlian Shanmei Culture and Arts Foundation” and performed by the “Red Nose Circus”