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楊肅浩 Reno


Singer-songwriter who teaches – Yang Suhao
Music creation covers land humanities and life perception,
It expresses the imagination and concern for this era.

A singer-songwriter who grew up in a farm in Toucheng, Yilan, with literary talent and an acoustic guitar to compose lyrics and music. Singer Award, etc., and participated in the “Forty Folk Songs” tour with a group of music seniors. The mature and delicate voice interprets the soul of the song, and tells every story with pure and straightforward sincerity.

Even though he was busy in the city lights, he still did not lose his warmth. After retiring from the army, he returned to his hometown of Yilan to work as a Chinese teacher. In 2020, he released his first full-length Taiwanese album “Kamalan’s Wind Blowing”, which has been well received. In 2021, he was shortlisted for the Best Taiwanese Male Singer at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards.