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吳栯禔 + The Youths of the Sea Island



I am a Yilan girl born in Yilan. At the age of seventeen, by fate, I joined the Lanyang Theatre Troupe and began to get in touch with traditional operas such as Gezi opera and local Gezi and Beiguan Opera.

The origin of Gezai Opera was in Yilan, Taiwan. At first, when people were busy with farming, they simply sang in front of temples, under big trees and other places where there were many people. , sing a few words. I’ve always found this kind of closeness to the people in Gezi Opera very charming.

In the folk opera culture, there is no distinction between infield and wild stage, and the repertoire will have different contents in accordance with current events and social changes, including the stimulation of many different opera genres and cultures, showing great tolerance, just to let the audience Watched a great show. As the inheritor of Gezi Opera culture, I feel abundant vitality from Gezi Opera, and remind myself that when I sing, I should not only sing to the audience under the stage, but to face more people and face the land. The sentient beings, transmit the voice of Yilan.

In line with the concept of cultural heritage, my passion is not limited to the tunes of singing operas. In 2020, I will learn Yueqin and the art of chanting songs from the national treasure of Taiwan’s rap art, Mr. Yang Xiuqing. In order to pursue the sound of the land of Yilan, I also collected the ancient tunes of the Kavalan people to practice. Cherish the opportunity to communicate and cross-border with musicians in different fields. These efforts are all to let more people hear the beautiful voices and stories of the land under their feet.

吳栯禔 & The Youths of the Sea Island

The Youths of the Sea Island

The Youths of the Sea Island is a Taiwanese music ensemble/band founded in 2020. Their work encompasses their day-to-day living experience in Taiwan by playing with music elements both in folk and pop music. With the hope of bridging different generations of people on this island they call home, they voice themselves through their music and express their care for society. They plan to collaborate with more local artists in their future work to explore more about their beloved home-island.