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SoulFa 靈魂沙發

SoulFa was founded in Taipei in 2018. It is a young band that quickly attracted attention. The current members are vocalist and guitarist Motoyama, guitarist Poopoo and bassist Henry. Their musical style is deeply inspired by the British rock music of the 1990s, and incorporates elements such as grassroots rock and psychedelic rock. Their creative vocabulary covers English and Chinese. So far, two albums and several singles have been released, and the first album release tour was sold out.

The band sings about the observation of the world and relationships, trying to use a creative vacuum to compress all the distracting thoughts in life, and at the same time, it has the meaning of containing the soul, so that fans can take a deep breath in their music, especially the magical lyrics, with The melody, like swimming in a road movie, creates the unique characteristics of SoulFa soul sofa.

In the midsummer of early July, follow these big boys to Zhuangwei, Yilan for a pleasant light trip!