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Taiwan Ten-Drum Art Percussion Group

For thousands of years, “Formosa”, the island of the ocean, has bred rich natural resources and diverse humanities and arts. “Ten Drums”, a group of drummers who love drumming, are also actively gathering drumming culture from Taiwan and the world. Chain out the exquisite percussion art.

“Ten Drums Orchestra” was established in the spring of 2000. “Creating Taiwan’s local culture and carrying forward the art of drum music” is the biggest development goal of the orchestra. The character “ten” represents the overlapping of drumsticks, bringing together the energy of the ten directions, and jointly gathering the strength of unity.

Over the years, the musical works created by the orchestra have been deeply loved by the audience. With local themes, scenery, and elements of diverse national percussion music, it has enriched the original appearance of traditional percussion music, and even surprised the public. So diverse and exciting! In addition, the Ten Drums Orchestra also upholds the goals of spreading and creating local percussion music, popularizing drumming skills for all, implementing human-oriented education, opening up multiple wisdoms, promoting special education enlightenment, embracing world culture, and promoting drum music art.

Since Taiwan has been a colony for a long time, there is no real drum technique of its own. There are many foreign drum music, but they are just imitations and lack of unique spirit. The head of the group feels that Taiwan’s drumming has never had its own roots for thousands of years. Therefore, he wants to create a set of drumming music that truly belongs to Taiwan, because there is no common sense of Taiwan culture without mutual cherishing. In the future, therefore, most of the creations of Ten Drums are based on Taiwan’s history, scenery, and humanities, so that the island of Taiwan can be eternal because of drum culture.

“Ten Drums” uses the power of culture to connect the characteristics and style of the city’s operation. In 2007, “Ten Drums Cultural Village” was established in Rende Township, Tainan County, and made further efforts towards the cultural development goal of creating an “Asian drum music exchange platform”. Adhering to the positioning of spreading and creating local percussion art, we hope to arouse the attention of Chinese people to traditional drum music, and try to create a lively, diverse, local and forward-looking drum culture style for Taiwan, and hope to make Taiwan It has become famous in the world as the “Island of Drum Music”.