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Zhuangwei Elementary School Harmonica Team


A harmonica plays a group of children who love music!

The harmonica team of Jhuang-Wei Elementary School was established in the 1990s in Taiwan. In the past ten years, it has performed outstandingly in various competitions and invited performances. It often represents the county in national and international competitions and has achieved outstanding results. It has won many national awards. Ranked first in the county and the country, and has even traveled to Hangzhou, Singapore, and Germany to participate in the Asia-Pacific Cup and World Harmonica Championships and won the championship, setting a national record for the competition results in this event. Thanks to the long-term support of the Yilan County Government and all walks of life, as well as the recognition of all teachers and students, rural children have the opportunity to learn their favorite instruments without having a musical background, effectively improving children’s performance and art appreciation abilities, and meeting the educational goals of adaptive development. Our school also adheres to the principle that every penny is hard-earned, develops the harmonica club, and provides the best teachers and professional and solid training with care and dedication. We look forward to continuing to achieve great results in the future.